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Group Shot JHU Expedition Team 1 - 25394 Bytes

J.J. Shirley, Kathy Barbash, and Abigail McGuirk stand with their workers at their site behind the Sacred Lake for an end of season snapshot. The Qufti Iman is in the back row, third from the left.

Group Shot JHU Expedition Team 2 - 28561 Bytes

Yasmin el-Shazly, Tammy Krygier, and Betsy Teasley Trope sit with their workers at the gateway for the Mut Temple West Court for a final shot. Their Qufti Bakhit is on the far left in the back row. He's quite the accomplished performer and often leads the other men in chants to keep the work going.

Group Shot JHU Expedition Team 3 - 27921 Bytes

Violaine Chauvet and Tom Kittredge stand at the Thutmose III gateway for a final shot with their workers. Mahmoud Abady, the "Super Qufti", whose knowledge and experience is simply unparalleled, stands next to Tom.

2nd Court of Mut Temple  - 28264 Bytes2nd Court of Mut Temple - 24937 Bytes

Two views of the Second court of the Mut Temple, taken from the west and slightly north. Having had a chance to consider how to investigate more about the Mut Temple in the New Kingdom, we've decided that next year we'll work here in the Second Court, on the west side. We'll also begin to build bases for the Sakhmets here, just as the Brooklyn Museum Expedition has done in the First Court. In addition we'll continue our work behind the Sacred Lake as we explore the city of Thebes around a major temple.

Sunset in Luxor - 11925 Bytes

Sunset behind Luxor Temple and the incredibly beautiful Nile River. We'll be back next year after another three hundred thirty gorgeous sunsets. Tune in then.

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