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The first day at work in the Temple of Mut. We cleared the area in front of a gateway, ca. 1479 B.C.. Tom Kittredge and Tammy Krygier scraped the walls (called baulks) of the excavation to help make the levels of occupation more visible in the stratigraphic section (walls of the excavation square from top to bottom reveal by the type of soil and kind of pot fragments the date and type of settlement). Saturday we begin to excavate the area between the two sides of the gate, and we will lay out the area to dig in a gateway near the temple itself.

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We will lay out a square ten meters on a side on Sunday, and it will include this area already excavated and revealing a gateway of Queen Hatshepsut (ca. 1479 B.C.). Here Violaine Chauvet and Betsy Bryan hold the tape stretched to determine where the square will be placed. J.J. Shirley looks on.

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