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Before Clearing Reeds - 27770 Bytes

After Clearing Reeds - 28830 Bytes

Pulling reeds behind and in front of the Sacred Lake at the Temple of Mut finally achieves the desired end. A line of sight through the axis of the temple is now visible and will enable us to lay out the excavation square behind the lake in proper order aligned to a magnetometer survey conducted in the mid-1980's.

Laying the Square - 31728 Bytes

William Peck of the Detroit Institute of Arts helps Violaine Chauvet lay out a ten meter square in the area of the mid-18th Dynasty gateway (ca. 1479 B.C.). The theodolite used to survey here is a relic of the salvage campaign in Nubia in the early 1960's - nearly an antiquity itself.

Gateway to the Temple - 23542 Bytes

Tammy Krygier, working between the jambs of a gateway into the Temple of Mut, holds a label for the formal photograph of the clearance. Tomorrow this gateway excavation continues.

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