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Measuring for the Square - 19235 Bytes

Dr. William Peck of the Detroit Institute of Arts and Kathy Barbash take measurements to lay out a square south of the Sacred Lake. Excavation began in this area today.

Gateway of Thutmose III - 22045 Bytes

The gateway of Thutmose III, cleared nearly to the level originally dug by the Brooklyn Museum team in the mid 1980's. The Egyptian in charge of workers here, Mahmoud Abady, carefully cleans and defines areas that are either as yet unexcavated or already dug.

Preparing to Excavate - 18247 Bytes

At the Thutmose III gate, Dr. Sabry, General Director of Luxor Monuments and Dr. Bakhit, Director of Karnak Temples, observe the newly cleaned trench before we begin to move our excavation into the gate.

Coding Pottery - 21829 Bytes

Betsy Trope and Hardy Bryan begin the task of coding pottery from our work so far. Washed sherds from a single basket are spread out in the foreground.

Confirming Identification - 20806 Bytes

Jackie Williamson and Kathy Barbash, beginning to code pottery, ask J.J. Shirley to confirm their identifications.

Examining Sherds - 20211 Bytes

Fatma Esmail and Yasmin el-Shazly carefully examine sherds as they assign codes for the types of ware. The learning process is sometimes painful, but they are clearly willing to work at it.

Recording Information - 16232 Bytes

Abigail McGuirk, our Woodrow Wilson Scholar, records information about the pottery she and Tom Kittredge (not pictured) are studying.

Comparing Profiles - 17765 Bytes

In the hands of Jen Kimpton and Violaine Chauvet are pot sherds held so that the profiles only are visible. They are learning to differentiate and compare wares this way.

Moment of Triumph - 19819 Bytes

Jen Kimpton has a moment of triumph when the coding finally makes sense!

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