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Renting Bicycles
It's our day off. Yasmin, Elaine, Scott, and Elizabeth went on a bike excursion today to the west bank. Here they are renting their bikes.
Playing with Puppies
Yasmin playing with the puppies in the Valley of the Queens.
Riding  along the Valley of the Queens
Scott, Elizabeth, and Yasmin pedaling along the Valley of the Queens. The weather was fabulous!
Deir el Medina
A visit to Deir el Medina, the workman’s village. Here is a shot of the houses in the village – small and cramped. But these were the builders of the great tombs in the Valley of the Kings.
At the Ramesseum
Finally a visit to the funerary temple of Ramesses II, the Ramesseum. Here Elizabeth and Yasmin stare up at the enormous fallen granite statue of Ramesses. This is the statue that inspired Shelley’s poem “Ozymandias”.

Special thanks to Elaine Sullivan for filling in today for the bedridden photographer.

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