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Fertility Figurine
Today Jay photographed some small finds that we’ve been getting. This is the lower half of a figurine coming from J.J. and Fatma’s trench to the east behind the Sacred Lake. (A second one was found in a pottery basket today as well). This type of figurine is a fertility figure from the New Kingdom and our piece shows the lower half of a naked female with emphasized genital region. Sometimes these figurines are shown holding their breasts as if offering milk to a baby and other time they appear holding an infant.
Quadruped Figurine
The south side of J.J. and Fatma’s trench produced several figurines of quadrupeds with what may be saddles on them. So far we have four fragmentary examples from this one area, and we do not know why the concentration exists there. This is a top level in the square, and the pottery represents several time periods, so we need to do library work to get a better idea of how common these are and from what eras.
Vessel Stopper
Yesterday J.J. and Fatma began a new square immediately east and this piece emerged in the first true level (that is, underneath a surface cleaning level). It apparently is a vessel stopper of some kind, since inside its neck is a finished round neck. The stopper, if such it is, is in the shape of a duck or goose and painted like Egyptian geese, with a ring at the neck in different color from the body feathers. Thanks to Fatma we can say what the piece is, because the rest of us looked at it without identifying the bird form.
The Courtyard at Beit Canada
The courtyard at Beit Canada where everyone’s working on pottery and everyone’s doing something different. We have a great deal of ceramics to deal with at present, and our aim is to sort it all before the end of the season so our ceramicist can look at it in February. But the afternoon hours are still enjoyable since we can talk to one another as we work.
JJ in City View School Shirt
J.J. is wearing her City View School t-shirt given to her when she spoke to the 4th and 6th grades there. She promised to wear the shirt when she was working in the field, so kids – here she is wearing your school shirt!
Foxhole in the Trench Wall  Repairing the Damage
This morning Elaine arrived at her squares to find a large hole in her wall! It turns out a family of foxes (most probably) had been nesting here, and we had disturbed their home. They came back with a vengeance last night and unfortunately the mud brick wall above is in danger of collapse due to the hollowed area they made. Later in the morning Elaine’s workmen filled the hole with stone fragments to ensure the foxes cannot get back in. Tomorrow we’ll see what their alternative is.
Interesting Features Emerging
In Violaine and Elizabeth’s square things are very interesting at present. Just 15-20 cm above the level of the Thutmose III gateway a surface of plaster became visible and has an outline that you can see in the photo. As the qufti Mahmoud Abadi (remember we call him Super qufti, because he is just a superb excavator) worked around the surface he discovered mud brick running next to it – and now it is certainly under the plaster surface. These mud bricks are stunningly well preserved and very large – monumental in size. They run in the direction of the gateway and appear to be bordered. Now there are bricks on the other side of the plaster surface as well, again running toward the gate. Do we have an industrial construction location or is this wall somehow related to making a plastered pathway from the gate toward the temple? More to come, because this is a fascinating structure.
Elizabeth Taking Notes
A beautiful picture of Elizabeth as she takes notes at her square.
Copying an Inscription  Inscription on the Block
Beginning to take handcopies of blocks relevant to our temple architecture. Betsy is making a copy of the Thutmose III block in the middle of Scott’s square – but unfortunately the block was reused upside down in a late phase of the temple. So Jay caught her, head down, trying to get a quick version of the inscription before we do formal tracings. The inscription, beautifully captured in Jay’s photo, gives names and epithets of Thutmose III (ca. 1479-1425 B.C.), including a Horus name of Khaemmaat, He who appears in truth, and also calls him the son of [Mut, lady of Isheru]. The name and title of Mut were hacked out by the Atenists of Akhenaten, but the determinative for Isheru, a city sign, is still there, so we know that this is she.
Scott Studying the Trench
Scott studying his trench extension very pensively as he prepares to draw a section for it. His drawings are quite remarkable, by the way.
Unloading Pottery at Beit Canada
Unloading the day’s pottery from the car at Beit Canada. First it gets washed, then we’ll sort it. J.J., Fatma, and Elizabeth all pitch in.

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