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Elaine and Crew
Elaine’s crew kept her laughing all season long – and yet they managed to excavate three 5 by 5m trenches and several test trenches – an outstanding job led by Reis Farouk’s son, Ayman.
Chuck Van Siclen and Workers
Chuck Van Siclen and his workers at the temple of Ramesses III. Thanks for your help so far. We’ll be continuing to work in this area until February 10.
JJ and Fatma and Crew
J. J. and Fatma with their crew on the East side behind the Sacred Lake. They have won the competition for most small finds – having found at least seven figurines so far.
Yasmin and Crew
Yasmin and her crew led by Bakhit look up at us from the west gate of the First Court at the Mut Temple. They have had a great season.
Violaine and Elaine and Crew
Violaine and Elizabeth with Mahmoud Abadi and his excellent crew at the Thutmose III gateway extension.
Betsy Bryan, Adil Mahmoud, Reis Farouk and Crew
Betsy, Adil Mahmoud, and Reis Farouk with the crew from the East side of the Second court of the Mut Temple. Great work and thanks!
Ahmed El Araby, Reis Farouk, and Betsy Bryan
Betsy, Reis Farouk, and Ahmed El Araby, our inspector, who has so ably supervised the work of moving large stones and Sakhmets as we clear the perimeter of the courtyard.
Scott and Team
Scott and his team on the West side of the Second Court of the Mut Temple. Absolutely terrific work.
Early Morning Behind the Sacred Lake  The Trench at 10:00 a.m.
Early morning behind the Sacred Lake. The mud brick enclosure wall we are clearing shows up so much better in this great raking light. The second shot was done around ten o’clock and provides a clear view of the bricks both in plan and in profile.
JJ and Fatma's Square Early Morning
J.J. and Fatma’s square at the beginning of the day. Without the shadows the wall shows up beautifully in the center of their trench, while the atmosphere of early morning creates a beautiful surrounding.
Betsy Bryan and Jay VanRensselaer have been quite prolific today. We have a second page of images! Click here to continue with the day's events.

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