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The JHU Egypt Expedition Team has left Luxor and members are heading home. We would like to thank some people for helping to make the Hopkins in Egypt Today project successful.

Thank you to Graham Bouton, Manager of Technology Services for HITS, Missy Wisniewski, Director of Customer Services for HITS, and Brenda Tidham, Support Services Anaylist for HITS, for arranging the laptop loan and preparing the laptop for Jay VanResselaer for his image editing. We appreciate the efforts of Dennis O'Shea, Executive Director, Communications & Public Affairs at JHU and Amy Cowles, Senior Media Representative in the Office of News and Information, for their assistance in publicizing the project in the Gazette, and in a number outside news sources, and with the link to the project on the JHUniverse homepage. Also thanks go to Johanna Zacharias, Director, Communications, School of Arts & Sciences and Rebecca Galanski, Web & Communications Assistant, Development Office, School of Arts & Sciences for the publicity and link to the project from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences homepage.

We plan to keep the site available as a resource and reference point. Please contact Macie Hall, Senior Information Technology Specialist, Humanities, at macie.hall@jhu.edu if you have questions about the project.

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