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President Bill Brody and Wendy Brody visit us in Egypt. Although Bill has to return to Baltimore, Wendy will stay with us through January. Look for her all this month on the site. January 1 and 2 the Brody’s -- Bill, Wendy, Ingrid, and John -- moved into our home away from home at the Emilio Hotel and then accompanied Jay and Betsy to both our site at the Temple of Mut and to a variety of monuments in West Thebes. Here are some of the shots of those visits.

Bill and Wendy Brody purchasing spices
This first shot shows Wendy and Bill on the street purchasing spices – one of the things you can’t resist here.
Looking at the site plan
Visiting the Temple of Mut, the Brody’s look at a plan of the site before touring the excavation areas.
Courtyard of the Temple of Mut
In the first court of the Mut Temple we look at the gateway excavated over the past two years and view the other gate that lies to its west.
Bill Brody photographing Sakhmet statue
The goddess Sakhmet, the lion-headed female deity, was associated with Mut, the goddess of our temple. Here Bill Brody is photographing the largest of the more than 225 statues of that deity still in the Mut precinct.
The Brody family
Outside the gate of the Mut precinct, John, Wendy, Betsy, Ingrid, and Bill stand for a photo-opp.
Looking at a statue head
In the Queen Nefertari “Museum” Bill and Wendy are taken by a statue head that is quite attractive.
Ingrid trying on a necklace
Ingrid tried on (and eventually purchased) silver necklaces that are among the fine things to buy in Luxor.
In the tomb of Sety I
In the tomb of Sety I in the Valley of the Kings, Wendy, Bill, and Betsy look at the remarkable carved and painted reliefs sculptures.
Unfinished scene in the tomb of Sety I
An unfinished scene in the tomb of Sety I, from the funerary book called the Amduat (that which is in the netherworld) captures the attention of Wendy, Bill, and Betsy.
In the well of the tomb of Horemheb
In the “well” of the tomb of Horemheb, Bill Brody takes a photo of the beautifully carved and painted walls.
In the burial chamber of Horemheb
In the burial chamber of Horemheb, Bill stoops to look at the royal sarcophagus, while Wendy looks on.
In the tombs of Sheik Abd-el Qurna
In the elite tombs of Sheik Abd-el Qurna, Bill Brody sneaks a photo of Jay VanRensselaer, who shoots him back.
In the tomb of Ramose
In the tomb of Ramose, vizier to Amenhotep III the whole group is mesmerized by the elegant relief sculptures showing Ramose and his family.
The funeral procession   Describing the funeral procession
Betsy describes the funerary procession so beautifully painted on the wall of Ramose’s tomb, as the Brody’s look on.
End of the day
The trip back to the east side on the local ferry. The end of a nearly perfect day – like every day in Egypt.

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