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Choosing the images
Jay and Betsy sit together to choose photos for the website. Just as last year, Jay takes some 100 to 200 pictures each day, and then he and Betsy go through them to choose those which best exemplify the day’s activities. Then Betsy writes the captions
Christina Mattin remounting camera
Christina Mattin remounts the camera after changing to color from black and white. She and Katie Knight are beginning a project to photograph the diagnostic pottery sherds which have already been sorted. Jay has helped them set up on the roof of the Canadian House.
Taking a meter reading
Katie is taking a meter reading off the gray card before shooting, while Christina helps out.
Focusing on the sherds
Christina carefully focuses on two sherds in order to maximize the depth of field. Each piece is labeled with the find location and date.
Photography setup on roof of Beit Canada
Christina and Katie work with the photography set up on the roof of “Beit Canada”. In the background is the eastern gate of the great temple of Karnak. Not bad for a view!
Jay photographing sherds
Jay pressing the cable release to photograph. We have two pictures of him in the same day – that’s a record.
Lunch at the New Winter Palace
Christina treats us to a fine lunch at the New Winter Palace in Luxor. Here she and Wendy and Fatma are all having a great time.
Scott in the shadows
Scott seated at the far end of the lunch table is caught in a dramatic shadow by Jay’s photograph.

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