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Today is the national holiday celebrating Coptic Christmas, and we are not working at the Temple. However, we have come to Beit Canada to work on our pottery again. But where are Katie and Maria? Christina spirited them away to the West Bank of Luxor to visit the Valley of the Kings and other monuments. So they’ll be back on the site tomorrow.
Sandra Fischetti photographing pottery
Sandra Fischetti doing photography of pottery on the roof of the house. Here she presses the cable release to take a picture.
Violaine is sorting pottery from west of the Mut Temple First Court gate. Last year Yasmin (who will be arriving in a few days) worked here, and these ceramics came from her square. Violaine is sorting the marl diagnostics and has identified a painted sherd that is highly distinctive – a mid-Eighteenth Dynasty type with horizontal painted bands of red and black.

Violaine sorting pottery    Sorted pottery sherds
Fatma working on pottery
Fatma working on one of the many baskets from her own square of last season – on the east end behind the sacred lake.
Violaine and Betsy sorting marls and silts
Betsy and Violaine both sorting the marls and the silts. Is there never an end to the sherds? No.
Wendy working on basket of pottery
Wendy is working on a large basket and has streamlined her work considerably. By the way she found those wool gloves in the local Suq. Not exactly high fashion but they are keeping her hands smooth.
Trading stories
Fatma and Elizabeth trading a few stories with the rest of us to lighten the work.
View of Beit Canada
Compare the number of baskets in front of Beit Canada with two days ago. We’ve really made a dent in the sorting work. Tune in tomorrow when you’ll see the excavation go forward in earnest.

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