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Elaine's trenches   Elaine's trenches
Elaine’s northern trench on the west side behind the lake abuts the baulk of her squares from last year. See the photos here. We have now cleaned the top of the baulk to expose the large enclosure wall remains between these squares, and it is interesting to find that there is no visible continuation of this wall in Elaine’s new trench. However, the date of the pottery tells us that Elaine’s trench had an active New Kingdom, specifically 18th Dynasty occupation. We are now motivated to understand the connection between the large wall and the heavy usage next to it.
Elaine's trench   Elaine's trench

Elaine's trench
Elaine’s trench had a feature in the middle that ran east-west between what appeared to be brick. Once we dug this out, we discovered we were in the modern water pipe trench which had apparently cut down through brick. Good grief! However, next to this on the north side is a largish brick wall into which a pit was dug at some (as yet undetermined) point. We will return to this interesting area.
Scott's trench

Wine jar in Scott's trench   Scott removing wine jar from trench
In Scott’s central trench, upper, a pit produced a large amount of pottery, all New Kingdom 18th Dynasty in type. In removing the material from this feature, the last object is a complete wine jar of the mid-18th Dynasty, ca. 1500-1300 B.C. Scott gingerly removes it from its resting place.
Wendy surveys new pottery
Wendy surveys the new mound of pottery being stacked in front of the Beit Canada garage. Three things in this world are certain: death, taxes, and pottery.
Scott working on pottery
Scott working on the pottery in the courtyard of the dig house, after a great meal made by our cook Gamal. Music doesn’t hurt to pass the time.
Katie filling out pottery sheet
Katie carefully filling out her sheet for a pottery basket – we learn to identify fabrics and diagnostic sherds that can aid in specific identifications and dates.
Betsy examining pottery sherd
Betsy staring at a sherd making the marl/silt call.

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