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Jackie Williamson and parents visit site
This morning one of our own graduate students, Jackie Williamson, has come to visit with her parents. They are having a great vacation in Egypt, and we’re delighted they have come to see the site. Here Violaine (left) and Elaine speak with Jackie and her parents.
Violaine at Wendy's trench
At Wendy’s trench Violaine explains what she want done with the visible mud brick and surrounding features.
Fatma displays new find
Fatma has two trenches now and in her new one a small find has occurred. She proudly displays a painted pottery quadruped (no idea what animal this is) with orange and yellow details. We had similarly painted figures last year.
Scott explaining trench elements to visitors
Scott explains the various elements of his upper trench to Jackie and her mother.
Katie and Scott take measurements
Katie helps Scott take measurements for their upper trench. They need to use several tapes to triangulate for establishing a single point
Square ready for photograph
The square is now measured, drawn, and cleaned for a photograph. Wall on the right needs to be better defined by date, although a large New Kingdom pit was right next to it. On the left (south) the enclosure wall was partially present in the upper levels, but then what?
The pottery trench   The pottery trench
Last year we excavated a “pottery trench”, meaning a trench that does not explore architecture but rather provides an opportunity to get a long sequence of pottery in stratigraphic sequence. We did this through the month of February, and we now have some precise dating for a variety of locations in the temple as a result. Here are the south and west walls of the pottery trench, with the profile showing the presence of ceramics but also the remains of walls and fired bakery areas. We now intend to continue this pottery trench to see if we get the Old Kingdom. We’re down to Middle Kingdom now, ca. 1900 B.C.
Elaine's trench
Back to Elaine’s trench where the northern side, near the lake, shows a hard packed surface, cut into by a rounded pit visible on the photo. We now expanding the trench north down the slope to the lake to understand this surface, and we’re also extending the square westward in increments to find the perimeters of this wall.
Wendy's trench
In Wendy’s trench a line of bricks is now visible beneath a burned layer removed today by the gufti. Wendy has super New Kingdom pottery on the surface level of her square, and she has been removing it bit by bit. The relationship to her wall, which runs in an unusual diagonal direction, eludes us as yet. It may be another day or two.

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