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On the felucca   On the felucca
Friday morning at 7:30 we all board Bibi Banna’s felucca to cross over to the Old and Middle Kingdom tombs at Qubbet el Hawa. It’s early morning and after these shots we forced Jay to sit down for a while.
Harkhuf’s tomb

Harkhuf’s tomb   Harkhuf’s tomb
Perhaps the most famous tomb at Qubbet el Hawa is that of the Overseer of Interpreters, Harkhuf, who served several kings of the Sixth Dynasty, ca. 2200 B.C. When we reach Harkhuf’s tomb the exterior was in perfect light, and several of us could not resist reading from the wall, particularly focusing on the letter written to Harkhuf by the child king Pepi II and quoted in the functionary’s autobiography.
The New Cataract Hotel
Our holiday home. We really had a great stay here!
Colossus in the granite quarries of Aswan
In the great granite quarries of Aswan we saw the unfinished colossus of a ruler, still lying unmoved.
In the new Nubian museum
Our next to last stop in Aswan was the beautiful new Nubian museum, housing a collection that narrates the history of the Nubian people from the Paleolithic up to the modern era.
At the unfinished obelisk site
A treat met us at the unfinished obelisk site where we decided to make a quick visit. Mark Lehner who works at Giza was there mapping new finds by the Supreme Council of Antiquities. Here he explains the process of quarrying granite obelisks to us. Visible are Betsy, Katie, Elaine, and Elizabeth.

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