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Betsy studies temple plan

Starting on the new trench   Violaine and Yasmin discuss the new trench
Now that Yasmin has arrived we are beginning a new trench near the front of the temple. Laid out in line with the gateway of Thutmose III, the square may allow us to look for the early New Kingdom connection between the precinct doorway and the temple’s main entrance. One of the things we must do at this point is identify how to designate this trench by looking at the temple plan with grid.
Fatma and Katie working in the new square   Burned area from brick kiln or oven
Fatma and Katie are working in the new square to take points in preparation for drawings. Katie is measuring bricks as they do this, and the fascinating burned brick kiln or oven from the trench is visible here as well.
Elizabeth begins to draw her large enclosure wall exposure
In her square next to the Thutmoside gateway Elizabeth also begins to draw her large enclosure wall exposure.
Scott begins his drawing
Scott, too, begins his drawing and Katie helps him measure points.
The large mud brick and plastered mud feature next to the lake   Clearing the surface area

Elaine and Violaine troweling surface   View of the area
The large mud brick and plastered mud feature next to the lake is growing all the time now. Views from east to west show how much of it is exposed, and Elaine and Violaine may be found troweling carefully to identify the difference between this hard surface and regular dirt. Sometimes it is tricky for the workers.
Scott drawing plans of square
A shot of Scott as he draws his plan of the square.
Maria and Fatma
Maria and Fatma at a slow moment.

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