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Betsy, Yasmin and Fatma
Betsy, Yasmin, and Fatma discuss plans for February when the expedition will lose most of its personnel. We will be shifting around a bit but intend to continue in the same fashion we have been working.
Abdel Aziz and his crew
Abdel Aziz and his crew working on the sloping surface behind the lake.
Katie doing levels
Katie doing levels but keeping her sense of humor.
Mamduah with small find   Wendy taking notes
Wendy has had the magic touch of gufti Mamduah this season. These photos show him at work and ready to hand Wendy a small find, while we see her laboring hard, as ever, to keep her notebook up to date.
Hearth with ashes still in situ
Elizabeth’s new square near the Thutmose gateway has houses built on top of the enclosure wall. Here is a hearth with ashes still in situ from one of those houses.
Dinner at the Flamboyant Restaurant   Dinner at the Flamboyant Restaurant
A special dinner at the Flamboyant Restaurant (a favorite of the mudira and most expedition directors) celebrated our great volunteer staff. Betsy gave out honorary papyri identifying the special contributions of everyone – written, of course, in ancient Egyptian. One that is visible was for Jay and refers to him as “he who makes images of form”, as close as Betsy could get to “photographer”. Violaine receives her papyrus which refers to her essential role as Field Director as “overseer of all work of the Temple of Mut, mistress of Isheru”
Waiter preparing crepes suzettes   Waiter preparing crepes suzettes
The Flamboyant is famous for its flaming entrees and desserts. Here our waiter is preparing crepes suzettes, and how much brandy do you think he used?

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