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Fatma's square   Fatma's square

Fatma's square   Vessels in Fatma's square
The day began with Jay shooting Fatma’s remarkable VIII G East IV square where we have four clear mud brick rooms with installations in them. Here are two views of the trench, watch the large vessels, first on the right, then at the top. The west side floor shows a large burned area where cooking took place, perhaps. This whole level, and the one above it date to the 18th Dynasty, like the material we’re getting in the west squares. The large vessel seen to the left, and the other left from a slightly later period of occupation, are for bread making. These are the huge pots used to mix dough and beer (for the fermentation) for bread production. The type of pot was current in the early to mid-18th Dynasty, ca. 1500-1400 B.C., and we are happy to know that we almost certainly are looking at the Mut Temple’s bakeries from that time.
Mud brick and mud plaster surface behind the lake
Our mud brick and mud plastered surface continues to appear around the back of the lake, with now about 50 meters exposed. Here is an early day shot from the west looking east along the sloping surface. This is likely to have been an early feature of the temple, and perhaps even predates the big east wall visible to the right in the photograph by as much as fifty years. We are now pulling some pot sherds associated with the feature, where there are breaks or accidental cuts, to get some finer tuned dating.
Looking for the walls near the surface   Violaine trowels down
In clearing the topsoil off the east-west wall to look for the walls near the surface we have found the extension of the wall from Wendy’s former square (to the left of the photo). But in the foreground the brick stopped, and an area of pure sand, running across the whole cut we’ve made, has emerged. Violaine troweled down into this sand, but it is quite clean and deep. We are now quite curious.
Scott taking notes
Scott taking notes as his workers clean the east-west wall.
Violaine laying out a new square   Scott helping Violaine lay out square
Violaine is laying out a new square next to Wendy’s old one, with Scott’s help. We have extended its size and configuration to investigate the sand layer just discovered.
Besty helps Scott with his levels   Betsy taking notes
Besty helps Scott with his levels, and he with hers. Today Betsy has become a site supervisor, notebook and all.
Wendy with ceramic figurine of a woman   Close up view of ceramic figurine of a woman
The lovely ceramic figurine of a woman found in Wendy’s former square (VIII G West V) as photographed by Jay this afternoon. He was catching up on our small finds.

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