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Pottery spill   Pottery spill
In Wendy’s former square, now overseen by Betsy, the northeast corner has produced large amounts of pottery, both in the baulk and on the floor of the trench. A spill is visible in two pictures here, representing two distinct levels, one above the other. There is still more beneath these enormous sherds. Everything here, as has been the case most of the month, is early-mid 18th Dynasty. The occupation here during the early New Kingdom is just phenomenal.
Elaine holding stadia rod   Scott taking levels
Elaine lost in the crowd of workers as she holds the stadia rod for Scott who is taking levels.
Preparing to remove pottery   Preparing to remove pottery
Removing pottery
In Fatma’s remarkable square, where we have had an early New Kingdom bakery, Violaine and Fatma prepare to remove the upper of two enormous mixing jars for bread dough. This one is quite damaged, and they must carefully scrape away the earth it sits on before attempting to lift it. Finally they do bring it out and you see the other pot sitting next to it, but at a slightly lower level, still in situ.
Elaine measures for drawings   Elaine preparing drawings
Many of the team are leaving this week, and it is time to make plans and drawings of all we’ve found. All mud brick walls must be drawn, and all profiles of baulks as well. Here Elaine is beginning to draw a large wall. You see her taking measurements from a string and placing the points on graph paper. Then she’ll draw in the bricks.
Yasmin records find   Yasmin holds up inscribed lintel
At Yasmin’s square (unfortunately not producing much until now) there is a find. A sandstone fragment, probably of a lintel, is inscribed with a cartouche. She holds it for us to see and behold, it says “Djeser…Re”, almost certainly the prenomen of king Horemheb of the late 18th Dynasty (ca. 1320-1300 B.C.), whose name was “Djeser-kheperu-Re”. Great job Yasmin.

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