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On the ferry
Betsy, Pete, Kate, Lisa, and Katie on the ferry Friday morning crossing over to the West Bank. We are having our day off and will visit tombs in the Valley of the Kings, Deir el Medina (the workersí village), and Sheikh Abd-el Qurna and Khokha (noblesí tombs).
At the Valley of the Kings
As we arrive at the V alley at 9 am, the tourists are wall to wall. This was not quite what we hoped for, but we split up and saw plenty nonetheless.
Emerging from Ramesses III's tomb
Lisa, Kate, Pete and Max emerge from Ramesses IIIís tomb and are happily discussing the scenes on the wall. By the end of the morning they had become quite familiar with the Litany of Re, the Book of Caverns, the Amduat, etc. Enough to tell me what to expect in certain parts of the tombs.
In Ramesses VI's tomb
In Ramesses VI, Peter looks at Hour 6 of the Amduat as the crush of tourists flows by.
Taking a break
Elaine, Fatma, Scott, Adam, and Elizabeth take a rest as they wait for others in the Valley of the Kings. They saw six tombs despite all the crowds.
Discussing old times
Ahmed Soliman and Peter discussing old times. Ahmed knew Peter well when he was an undergraduate and worked with us in 1993 and 1994.
Jackie taking pictures
Jackie enjoying her own picture taking as we take lunch after the Valley.
Deir el Medina
At the New Kingdom workersí village of Deir el Medina the whole group heads to the Temple of Hathor after seeing tombs. The village, built of stone, is a fascinating state planned town.
Sun over chapel at Deir el Medina
An unbelievable image of the sun above a pyramid tomb chapel at Deir el Medina. This kind of effect sometime occurs right over the horizon and has been said to create the lines that suggest pyramid shapes. But it is amazing to see anyway Ė and who else but Jay could have gotten this shot?
Maria, Kathy and Kate at Hathor Temple
Maria, Kathy, and Kate posing for home in front of the Hathor Temple.
Lisa looking at reliefs
Lisa looking at the reliefs on the wall of the Temple.
Adam drinking water
Adam downs his water bottle at the tomb of Menna in the Noblesí cemetery. Donít forget to drink!
Looking at a modern relief
Ahmed shows Peter and Maria a modern made relief sculpture imitating the style of the tomb of Ramose. The artist is well known in Qurna.
Making Betsy laugh
At the end of the day, Peter, in his inimitable way, tells Betsy something that makes her roar. With him it doesnít even matter what he says, itís just always funny.

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