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Laying out a new square
Kate and Elaine stretch the string laying out a new square to investigate the large brick feature.
Fatma's new trench
Fatma has a number of walls crossing each other in her new trench this year. The pottery indicates that she is still in the Late Period, but one thing is always true of Fatma – she gets the mud brick walls! And they cross and make rooms…. Look out.
Heather and Pete doing levels  Heather and Pete doing levels
Heather and Pete are working together to do her levels. Now that Dr. Peter is an expert on surveying, he is the instant helper for Heather. But, true to his experience as Assistant Surveyor, Heather tells HIM what to do. Just not fair, is it Peter?
Here come the baskets
Pottery, pottery, pottery…. We’re always looking for more chicken baskets, and here they come……………?
Tiles for new floor at Beit Canada
We’re going to do a little face lift at the Beit Canada, to say “thank you” to Dr. Redford who loans us the place to process our pottery. So here we are picking the new tile floor for the inner courtyard. We also redid the plaster in the court and will be painting it. Don’t tell him…. Shhh.
Fatma's trench
Fatma’s trench is filling up with walls. This shot is great, because Jay has capture the squares from last year (2003) and before (2002), showing the southward progression we’re making. Soon we’ll be in levels analogous to where we had bakery areas last year. What we will find now?
Adam carrying soil basket
Adam, challenging his basket carriers, has been regularly carrying soil baskets to the dump site. Reis Farouk looks on with his wry smile. He knows that Adam will either receive great praise peppered with laughter, or laughter peppered with great respect. Or both.
;Building the mastaba  Measuring stones from floor of temple
Lisa and Scott are working to measure the stones on the floor of the this room of the temple. We will soon move all the stones and need to keep precise track of their locations when moved. Lisa is helping with the measurements, while Scott makes the drawing. The new temporary “mastaba” of fired brick is being built in the background, in order to help the stone moved from this area.
Lisa assists Scott  Lisa measuring
Lisa is helping Scott with measurements of the Mut Temple front platform rooms.
Max and Pete beginning survey  Pete
Max and Pete are beginning the survey of the temple by confirming points around the precinct with the total station. See Pete give us the “hi” sign?
Shot taken from NE corner of precinct's enclosure wall
Taken from the northeast corner of the precinct’s enclosure wall, this shot shows Max’s total station set up on the wall of Temple A.

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