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Heather's trench
Heather’s trench this morning beautifully shows the granary that has emerged on the west side (the round building). Suddenly we are the bread basket of ancient Thebes. We have a granary in VIII G West 8, a possible collapsed one in VIII G West 9, and a definite new one in VIII G West 11, not to mention parts of one from West 8 in West 5 and 11! The bakery was found at the far east behind the lake, but now the granary in Heather’s trench shows that the food was being made directly next to the bread production area.
Fatma's square
Fatma’s square, showing several rooms, has begun to show New Kingdom pottery today. So far, however, there is no evidence of baking or other industry.
Maria's northern square
Maria’s northern square at Elaine’s area has rendered up dozens of baskets of pottery Yesterday she set the record for the site at 13 for the day, beating Heather by 1. However, there is no architecture here, and the pottery remains late in date. Elaine has decided to closed this location and to dig elsewhere. The large semi oval feature is perhaps a plastered work platform.
VIII G West 11  Betsy and Katie measuring
Mahmoud Abady working at VIII G West 11, a new granary came up in the northwest corner. Unfortunately the preservation of the bricks at this lower floor level is quite unreliable, and the early morning light is essential – along with patience and a SUPER GUFTI like Mahmoud Abady. Betsy and Katie are helping things along by measuring to see where the diameter of the other granaries they’ve got would put the southeast side of this new one.
Elizabeth  following brick trail  Elizabeth  following brick trail
Elizabeth has been carefully looking for the brick enclosure wall running north-south on the west side of the precinct. She carefully works with her gufti to define and follow the brick “trail” that will help us to join up and entirely identify the New Kingdom extent of the great goddess Mut’s temple.
Building the temporary mastaba
In the Second Court of the Mut Temple, our temporary mastaba is nearly complete, made of fired brick and bitumen soaked cloth that is water proof. We don’t have enough of the cloth yet and the men have laid down the material anyway. Soon it will be a large rectangle to house the blocks from the platform.
Scott drawing plan
Scott, with his usual intensity, draws his plan of the east room at the front of the Mut Temple platform.
Peter using a walkie-talkie
Pete talking into his borrowed “walkie talkie” to Max on the other end. This has been a greatly appreciated loan from Emanuel La Rose at the Centre Franco-Egyptien at Karnak. Thanks!

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