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Itís Friday Ė day off. Most of the group went off to Abydos and had a superb day. A few, working on their dissertations, continued to study material relating to their research. Here are a few objects relating to one studentís project.
Female figurine
Elizabeth is working on female figurines for her dissertation, and on Friday she worked, with Jay as photographer, on the material weíve recovered at Mut over the past several years. The first example we show, found in her own area near the Thutmoside gateway, is a type known also from Deir el Medina and elsewhere.
Female figurine
From Adamís wall clearance area, this figurine has a long elaborate wig and huge button earrings. What a fashion hound this one was!
Female figure on bed with child?
Found in Elaineís area at the rear of the enclosure, this piece is quite interesting. The lady is accompanied on a bed by a child Ė or is it?
Female figurine
This crude female figure with a severely truncated head was a surface find in Elaineís area. I for one canít wait for Elaineís thesis to learn about the diversity of these figurines.

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