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Max and Peter taking points for map
Max and Peter are now picking up speed as they take points for a new map of the Mut Precinct. Here you see them on the west side of the temple, with Max standing down near the lake, helping to locate the main features of the architecture.
Adam and Violaine
Adam’s wall extension continues eastward and may define a ramp or slope down to the lake. Here as Adam takes notes, Violaine studies the brick that has already turned up.
At Mut Temple  Jackie at Mut Temple
Moving blocks at Mut Temple
Scott and Jackie are working with the crew in the Mut Temple, and here you see that the men have already moved a number of blocks onto the temporary mastaba from the platform. Jackie is carefully recording, over B 72, the number we assign to each block.
Max  Peter
Max and Peter are taking points for the Total Station as they prepare to make us a new map. Note the remarkable photo Jay composed with Max and the variety of vertical elements around him.
Maria's square
Maria’s square in the rear of the enclosure has walls and cross walls apparent. Notice the round feature in the corner – another granary? We are sorry to say that Maria is leaving soon, perhaps before we entirely understand the architecture here.
Heather's trench
Heather’s trench, east of Katie’s granaries, also contains a large round building. Next to it, however, is a network of walls that descend deeply into the Second Intermediate Period and are part of work rooms continuing in Fatma’s squares.
Kathy brushing brick  Preparing area for drawings and photographs
In Kate’s area preparations are going on for photographs and drawings. Kathy is helping Kate to brush the brick, and early in the morning this creates a very romantic shot.
Kate's area with granaries and diagonal wall
Seen from the south are Katie’s granaries and the diagonal wall that contains them (or an earlier version of them). These buildings have early New Kingdom pottery in situ on their remains and are seemingly atop walls of only slightly earlier date.
Jackie shooting at Beit Canada  Kathy at Beit Canada
Kathy shooting at Beit Canada  Kate at Beit Canada
Jackie, Kathy, and Lisa, rotating at Beit Canada as photography assistants, learned how to set up to shoot small finds and photography on the roof at the house. They learned very quickly how to operate the equipment and did a great deal of work. They nicknamed themselves “Jay’s Angels”. How about that?

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