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Katie playing soccer  Katie playing soccer
Ahmed playing soccer  Katie and Ahmed
Today was the second soccer game of the month, with Katie leading a team against another made up of some of our workers. Sad to say, she lost the first game, but here she is again. Ahmed, our inspector is right in the fray with her, and both are determined. We can report now that Katie’s team won this second game, and she and Ahmed shared a moment of great happiness towards the end.
Heather's square full of walls
Heather’s wall opposite the granary continues to go down, and the square itself is becoming full of walls. What a beautiful square Abdel Aziz works. You could eat off the floor!
Fatma's trench
Fatma’s trench, VIII G East 5 has reached a level with burned surfaces that parallels areas she had last year in VIII G East 4. This was an early New Kingdom stratum, and here its important work function is underlined by the various fired loci.
Fatma's new square  Fatma's square
Fatma opened a new square next to VIII G East 4 (last year’s bakery location). The presence of brick walls was predicted in her east baulk from the former trench, and sure enough she has them right away! We hope to learn much from this new square.
Following the wall  Following the wall  Elizabeth and Max
Over near the Thutmoside gateway, the enclosure wall that Elizabeth is supervising runs southward. We’ve been hoping to follow it as it ran along the line of the lake. But no! It appears to stop just opposite the ancient quay, and now it turns to the west. We’ll be keeping you informed.
Elizabeth and Peter working
Elizabeth is taking levels near the Thutmose III/Hatshepsut gate, while Pete takes points with the Total Station on the wall behind her. Both are focused on their work, so Jay gets a really good shot.
Kathy helps Katie with drawing  View of Katie's area
Katie’s area needs to have all the walls drawn now, and Kathy is there to help. This group of round buildings has been expertly excavated by Mahmoud Abady, so Katie will have the best assistance in that way. But the bricks here are very hard to see, since these buildings were clearly dismantled entirely to make room for later features. Good luck.

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