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Fatma's square
Fatma’s square is an interesting location, directly next to our “bakery” from last season. In this level she has a burned sector that corresponds to installations of the early 18th Dynasty from that other trench. We will close here after this, so that we can pursue the same set of New Kingdom strata to the east.
Pottery on curved wall
The amazing area of granaries where Katie Knight has been supervising this month now shows this curved wall with what may be stone reinforcements. The pottery, of later 18th Dynasty date, contains numerous large beer jars as well as other liquid vessels. Mahmoud Abady, in his usual meticulous and proficient manner has revealed the pottery as if in a museum installation.
Sacred lake
A beautiful view of the sacred lake and the Ramesses III temple. This quiet look is only rumpled by our frustration of not yet entirely understanding how the wall from the Thutmoside gate ran southward near the lake.
Adam and Elizabeth
Adam and Elizabeth joking with each other, while Heather and Betsy talk about the walls in Heather’s square. This is the sort of thing that happens all day long, when one has a fellow site supervisor near by.
Heather's trench  Heather and Betsy
Heather explains some of her recent finds to Betsy, as they gaze at her very busy brick-filled trench. On the floor lie pots in situ that indicate a floor is coming up. The pots, of Second Intermdiate Period date, are being cleaned as part of an attempt to find the larger floor surface.
Katie and Kathy
Katie and Kathy (who will replace Katie at the trench Jan. 21) look at sherd fragments that appear to join. So much of this 18th Dynasty pottery has been from crushed complete pots. We could do a great deal of mending – but who has the time?
Violaine and Elizabeth  Brick wall  Brick wall
What could be making Violaine and Elizabeth so happy? Well this is the “toob” dance – that is, the “brick” dance. Looking for the great enclosure wall that ran south from the Thutmoside gate, we experienced a loss of its line, but then we realized that it turned west. And here it is!
Inner enclosure wall
Adam is following the “inner enclosure wall” eastward, and the line is crisp and clean and beautifully preserved. We still must determine with certainty whether this was a wall in the true sense of the work, or perhaps a ramp leading toward the sacred lake.
Yasmin and Heather
Yasmin is here! This is the third season for Yasmin, but she had not been with us. Now she’s arrived, though not to stay too long, unfortunately. She recently had a car accident and is still under medical care. She looks and feels fine, but she must be cautious. So we’re thrilled she’s here in Luxor, and we will hope she visits us regularly.
Adam doing levels  Kathy doing levels
Adam and Kathy doing levels. Look at the intensity on Adam’s face. Great to see such true devotion to the archaeological daily tasks. (Whatever).
Jackie marking stones
Jackie is marking each stone that she and Scott slate for movement on the ramp of the Mut Temple. Her job is to mark each rock with white paint over B-72 preservant. She’s doing a great job, and we say “thanks very much”.

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