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Maria's trench
Maria has a number of walls in her trench, and they don’t necessarily make sense to the viewer. A round feature in the upper corner may well be another granary, but the pottery here has been decidedly late in date so far. The large wall in the center remains from some large building, apparently again of late date. We’ll need a great area of exposure to know what is going on.
Katie’s last day! Good-by to her and her great enthusiasm – not to mention her just plain physical strength!
Elaine and gufti Shogawy
Elaine and her gufti Shogawy are brushing at a corner feature to make sure that there is brick there. The soil in Elaine’s areas is remarkably sandy and does not show brick well at all. Still, the guftis are quite good at finding it anyway.
Maria  Kate
Maria and Kate working together to draw the brick in Maria’s square. I’m sure that the help will go the other way, if need be.
Working on the brick feature  Exposing the brick feature
The brick feature running west from the main north-south enclosure wall continues to broaden and run. We’ll be in touch down the road about what this great brick feature may have been and when it was built.
Scott and Jackie measuring  Scott redrafting plan
Scott and Jackie are doing measurements to redraw the map of this room on the Mut Temple platform. Now that all the surface stones have been moved, and new stones have appeared following cleaning, Scott needs to redraft his plan and add the material that has appeared.
Fatma's new trench
Fatma’s new trench, next to the three she has worked the last two years, provides us a large exposure of the areas containing both walls and divisions, as well as work surfaces, including burning such as in baking.
Extending Kate's square
Kate’s square has been extended, just to scrape the soil in search of the wall found in her earlier squares. We missed the brick feature last time, since it would have surfaced in Katie’s trench. Anyway, good times.
Katie shares photos  Group shot of Katie and crew
Katie’s last day!! So long to her and her crew (who will be with Kathy now). Katie gave Mahmoud Abady pictures that Jay made (and printed) of himself and others. Now she’ll get the criticism – if there is any.
Kate, Elaine and Maria
Kate and Maria gave Elaine tee-shirts to commemorate their time working with her. The work was hard and long, but Elaine taught them a great deal, and they learned much about pottery and brick. Is that a marketable trade? (sorry about that).

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