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Mud brick wall
Heather has a mud brick wall that descends numerous courses well into Second Intermediate Period levels. It is directly next to the remains of the round granary building of the New Kingdom and there is little room between them. Jay has captured a superb shot of the wall here and had to do it from the corner squatting.
Heather's new square  New wall in Heather's new square
Heather’s new square, directly west of her old one, has surprises. On the west side is preserved a plastered floor, atop a layer of pure sand about five centimeters in depth. On the east, though not yet visible in this photo, appeared the continuation of Heather’s granary building – at a higher level, so not part of the base any longer – and next to it a new wall, visible here as it was coming up.
Elaine and Jackie

Kate's square  Kate's square
In Kate’s square, Elaine instructs Jackie who is subbing today. Kate and Maria are leaving tomorrow and are taking a much deserved day off to enjoy the monuments on the west bank that they had missed earlier. Kate’s trench has what appear to be house walls in New Kingdom levels, and the fun of drawing the brick is just beginning!
Mut Temple
Scott’s work in the Mut temple is proceeding. They have removed the first layer of fallen stone and have cleaned up grasses and other obstructions, so that the next layer of real paving placed to create a platform extension around 700 B.C. can be removed and conserved. It really looks good, and Scott’s plan carefully documents where every stone was found for later purposes.
Fatma's new square  Fatma's new square
Fatma’s new square, VIII G East 6 has come down on a surface within a room. This is particularly heartening, since the pottery here appears still to be New Kingdom in date and not yet Second Intermediate Period. Soon the large wall next to this room will be removed, since it has been drawn, and we can see more of this level.
Violaine drawing
With Katie gone (we miss her already), Violaine takes over the drawing of the granary buildings. The pro needs no help at all!
Peter and Max
Max and Peter are busy documenting the points of our squares from this season and the past ones, so that all our work will be tied into the map he is producing. The map will also be tied to the general grid laid out over Karnak by the French architects many years ago, so that our work and theirs will coincide.
Elizabeth's team working on enclosure wall  Enclosure wall
Elizabeth’s team that is investigating the 18th Dynasty enclosure wall running south from the Thutmoside gate has found the wall taking a westward jog just opposite the ancient quay. Now in following the limits of the wall north and south, the size of it is imposing to say the least – and its height is great as well. We are not sure, but we must consider that this wall – or perhaps gate (?) has a connection with the Ramesses III temple behind. Keep tuned.
Adam's area
Adam’s ramp next to the Sacred Lake continues to produce beautiful brick sloping down to the water. Here you see Adam taking measurements for his drawing, and Jay has once again gotten a superb show of this remarkable brick feature.
Elaine's new trench
Elaine’s new trench, IX G West 7, has walls in many directions, and I can’t say I really understand it. The pottery has become New Kingdom in date, and several things suggest round features running under later straight walls. I think this one will have to wait for another season, since Elaine and her crew are all leaving tomorrow. Elaine will be teaching an undergraduate course, and Kate and Maria have to start their term. You’ll see them tomorrow, however, right here.

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