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Work at Mut Temple

Image of goddess Mut  Image of goddess Mut in situ
Our work, supervised by Scott, is proceeding on the Mut Temple platform. The workers have now cleared down to a second level beneath the fallen stones on the surface, and there is a clear patch of pure sand visible, indicating a foundation layer beneath paving stones. At the upper right of the photo are stones forming the exterior foundation of the platform, and here we show the inner face of one of these stones – in situ, upside down, and rotated so that you see the image – is a relief image of the goddess Mut from a block of Thutmose III, ca. 1479 B.C.
Maria and Ahmed
Maria left today, with Kate, Elaine, and Elizabeth. She said goodbye to Ahmed at the back of the Mut Temple. Hope their trip back is safe.
Fatma's square  Fatma's square
In Fatma’s square, the late wall is being removed, now that drawing and photography have been completed. Here in both shots is the gufti Ayman, carefully taking the soil under the brick in ten centimeter levels, so that we have a well collected and sealed group of pottery, good particularly for chronological purposes. This wall will allow us to see what went on next to the room with a hard floor and burned areas, of definite New Kingdom date.
Sandstorm  Sandstorm
Right after second breakfast (9:30 am here) a true sandstorm blew through, coming from the west. Suddenly we looked up and the west bank of the Nile was no longer visible, and immediately thereafter the blow began. Here is everyone running about to get in position away from the grit heading for our faces, eyes, etc.
Granaries  New trench
In Katie’s former area, now supervised by Kathy, we opened a new trench next to VIII G West 11, in order to follow the curving wall and the granary as well. The upper levels have given way to a heavily burned surface, and the wall has not appeared. We began to take down the baulk to catch the edge of the granary, but have not yet finished this process. There is always something….
Kate drawing
Kate, like Maria, left today, but she was drawing her square up to the last moment, here with Jackie’s assistance. It has been a pleasure to have the three undergraduates here this year. They worked exceptionally hard and have made an enormous contribution. Thanks.
Area behind the lake
A shot of the area behind the lake, with the enclosure wall’s height left of center, the granary area to the right and the bakery area at the far distance. Note – Betsy’s new jeans. She’s very happy with them and they were bought right here.
Long shot of ramp
A wonderful long shot of the inner monumental ramp or wall found last year but continuing to be excavated this year. The shot, taken from the east end, looking back across the whole expanse behind the lake, shows in the foreground, that the brick goes up to the baulk on the left, indicating a wider feature than earlier determined.
Peter with stadia rod
Max left the site a bit early to do analysis, and Pete took up the stadia rod to help take levels. His comment (cleaned up a bit for your consumption), “I’ve gone from being Max’s pole carrier, to being everyone’s pole carrier”.
View through entrance arch at Beit Canada
Through the entrance arch at Beit Canada, you see the newly repainted and retiled court with Peter, Violaine, and Scott preparing for our pottery work of the day.

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