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Heather's new square  Heather's squares
Heather’s new square has been producing brick, brick, brick. But now we are in the situation of not being sure what walls go with what? This is not just a guessing game, so it’s time to stop and review. There is a round building in the square next to this – Heather’s first one (VIII G Central 4) – but here we must define what is truly brick and what is brick tumble. We will be removing what looks like true bricks and isn’t over the next days. So don’t be alarmed.
Fatma's newer trench  Fatma, Ayman and team

Ayman and Fatma
Fatma’s newer trench, VIII G East 6, has begun to show us what we hoped it would. Now there is a bricked in surface that is entirely sealed above and below. This allows us to look at the pottery as a chronological instrument, and believe me we will be doing just that! Thanks to Ayman, Fatma, and their team.
Betsy, Max and Peter  Peter
Max and Peter are continuing their survey of the site to produce a new map for the Mut Precinct. Max is looking a bit askance as the day dawns, but Peter, as usual, grins at the prospect of new things to record.
Violaine and Mamdua
At Adam’s area, Violaine instructs Mamdua on how she wants to have the brick exposed and revealed. She is an incredibly fine Field Director, because she knows enough of the result to be able to predict for the excavator what they may encounter. We are so thankful to have her.
At Kathy's square  Kathy's square
Kathy’s square (VIII G West 12) is working to help us define the relationship between the granary building in Katie’s last area (VIII G West 11) and the lower wall that ran diagonally (roughly NE/SW) across Wendy Brody’s square from 2003 (VIII G West 5). We have successfully removed the baulk and found both bricks from the granary and also the wall. But the wall just stops after this – in the southern direction. This is sometimes the disappointing archaeological truth.
Ceramic molds  Finding ceramic molds
Kathy has picked up two ceramic molds from atop the “wall” itself – one clearly the s3, or “protection” sign and the other as yet unidentified – and points to their locus of origin, together with Mahmoud Abady, the real discoverer.
At the Temple platform  Scott

At the Temple platform
At the temple Platform, Betsy and Scott are looking at the condition of the sandstone blocks, as well as the space that must be considered in moving them, in order to decide which blocks should be rearranged first. The project to dismantle the front part of the platform will continue at least until the next season, but the important decisions are those we make at the beginning – that is, which blocks to move first.
Adam's area  Adam's area
Adam’s workers are uncovering brick in an extension are, particularly focusing on how far to the south (your left) the bricks continue. They have finished this area in the most expert fashion, showing a beautiful brick expanse that extends to the left but not to the baulk. (The next extension will confirm this, by the way.)
Baulk removed from Kathy's area
At the end of the day, Betsy walks over Kathy’s area and sees the brick revealed by the baulk removal. Much clearer. Thanks.
Peter and the olive  Peter and the olive

Peter and the olive  Peter
I was not here. I’m telling the truth. This is all me looking at Peter in Jay’s photos. Okay, they tell me, he was fed an olive, and we watch…. But this fourth shot, just imagine a caption, because I surely can’t think of one….

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