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Khairy bringing morning tea

Heather is given an object  Heather examines object
Itís early morning at Heatherís square, and thereís Khairy coming with the tea. Heather reaches out after the tea cup to receive something from her workers. Itís a fragment, painted, and she isnít sure of what. But this is what itís like out here. Often we are handed things found that are entirely new to us, and all we can do is write it down, measure it, locate it in the square and hope that we find someone who knows what it is.
Betsy, Heather and Violaine  Violaine
Betsy, Heather, Violaine all standing at the ready. Itís Violaine who comes running when someone sounds the question alarm.
Heather with figurine  Heather with figurine
At pottery session today, Heather is the proud owner of todayís winner figurine Ė we think a giraffe, but at least something long necked!

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