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Fatma's trench  Fatma's trench
Fatma’s trench continues to supply us with evidence of 18th Dynasty occupation. Today her under-lying surface is littered with great pottery remains, while new brick appears too. She also found the head of a female figurine today.
Wall reaches the oasis  Ramp feature
As you look through the trees you see the long brick ramp feature that we have worked this year and last. Now the wall exposure has reached this oasis on the site, and we will not dig through it, but tomorrow you’ll see that we skip over these trees and continue to expose wall eastward.
Heather and Fatma
Fatma and Heather working together to complete brick wall drawings for Heather’s square. She has extremely complicated brick.
Scott, in his typically careful and precise fashion, looks over the stone that has been moved from the platform of the Temple and makes notes and sketches in his notebook.
Inscribed block  Mut and Amun
Today has been a great surprise for us, since this block from the platform, showing a single vertical line of inscription with the titulary of Ramesses III was made accessible by the removal of the stone to the east. The east face of this block now reveals itself as a Thutmoside scene of Mut before Amun shaking the sistra – but the scene was restored in the post Amarna period. Quite something!
Jay getting a good angle
Jay, caught by Betsy’s camera, lying down to get a good angle on the newly exposed block. What won’t he do for the shot? Really, nothing.
Covering the reliefs
Having found both carved and painted reliefs, we are careful to cover them entirely to discourage the fading of color by the sun. Let’s hope.
Adam and Peter
Adam left us today, and as he said goodby and we gave hugs, Peter refused. Well, Adam took things into his own hands. “Bye, Pete”.
Tea at Beit Canada
The shrinking crew relaxing after lunch in the newly repainted and retiled courtyard of Beit Canada. See our palm tree! Thanks, Farouk.

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