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Fatma's square
Fatma’s square now has low walls running north-south (bottom to top) that are at the same elevation as walls in Heather’s trench. In addition, these walls are parallel to some in Fatma’s square directly west. This is an early 18th Dynasty level, but still within the New Kingdom.
Heather's square
In Heather’s square, Abdel Aziz’s patient troweling has finally given us the outline of the granary here, matching that which is in Heather’s earlier square to the east.
Katie and Kathy's square  Granaries area
In Katie’s old square, now supervised by Kathy, Mahmoud Abady works next to the granaries. We hoped to see the curving wall that ran through Wendy Brody’s old square, but it appears to have been deliberately cut after the New Kingdom. However, today Mahmoud did find evidence of this wall at a lower level. We will see.
Ramp  Oasis area

Beyong the oasis
Just as promised yesterday, Adam’s ramp has skipped over the palm tree oasis and is now producing brick wall on the east side of the vegetation. We’re heading up the hill where this wall joins a north-south one.
Peter  Betsy and Violaine
The total station kindly lent to us by Ben Schafer in Civil Engineering has a problem, and Peter, Betsy, and Violaine have all taken turns trying to fix it. Probably Betsy will take it back to Baltimore for servicing.
Driving us daily to Beit Canada is Sabour, our friendly driver from Qift. His mean green machine is lots of fun for all. Look out Scooby Doo!
Jay photographing small finds
Jay’s set up for photographing small finds from the antiquities magazine. At the end of the day, Jay is still there shooting a large statue we found two years ago.
Ahmed and Peter  Peter

Ahmed and Betsy
Tonight five of us went to Ahmed Soliman’s for dinner, where Peter had a fond farewell from Ahmed, whom he befriended and tortured ten years ago as an undergraduate. Ahmed gives him a big hug. Peter is having a Stella Beer (“that which does not kill you makes you stronger” is their motto) along with all of us, and it really was a fun time.
Ahmed and Peter
Peter, being Peter, dons the Sheik of Araby outfit to wish a long “Ma salama” to Ahmed, his son Bougi, and daughters Halle and Manal. But did you get a look at that face? Only Pete….

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