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This will be our last entry for 2004’s season, although Betsy, Violaine, and Max will continue to work at the site. Jay, sadly for us, must return to his numerous tasks at Homewood, including teaching a photography course for the spring term. We’ll say so long from the greatly reduced team. Hope you enjoy this last installment.
Fatma's square  Fatma recording data
Fatma’s square in the morning has a fine surface with pottery still lying on it, while her lower lying north-south wall may run parallel to similarly constructed walls in her 2003 square to the west.
Heather's square  Heather's square
In Heather’s square the east baulk is beginning to show some signs of the missing round granary building’s courses. Seen from the west, the wall running north-south continues to descend, and there is now a real floor surface on the north side. This is already a Second Intermediate Period occupation level (ca. 1700-1550 B.C.) and was clearly built atop for the early New Kingdom temple storage facilities.
Hathor head capital  Mut Temple courtyard
In the temple, Scott and Jackie continue to record the removal of platform fill that included such treasures as this partial Hathor head capital. This work will continue throughout February, and we look forward to the arrival of Lori Trusheim, our stone conservator, who will help consolidate this eroding sandstone.
Betsy on ladder  Trenches showing solid brick
In Elaine’s former area of work, Betsy takes to the photo ladder, as she does normally through February after Jay departs. But today she’s snapping slides for a lecture she’s been asked to give here in Luxor on February 14 for a series sponsored by the Supreme Council of Antiquities Luxor Office. From her perch Betsy photographs several trenches that revealed only solid brick, baulk to baulk you might say. This will turn out to be a major monumental feature, but as yet we cannot say exactly what.
Peter and Heather
One last opportunity for Peter to be Peter at the Mut site. Here he can’t help bothering Heather who is just trying to write a pottery label.
Here’s Violaine working on completing some brick drawing left by Adam. We’ll be doing a great deal of that in February too – along with scads of pottery. Anyone want to come help?

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