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Elaine at trench

It is decision time for Elaine! Part of what makes archaeology interesting (and also difficult) is that there is no set formula for excavation plans. Elaine must decide whether to open up new units next to her trench (horizontal exposure), or continue digging down under the building she has uncovered (vertical exposure). Elaine is hoping to find New Kingdom materials, so the second option temps her…

Expanding the trench

But Elaine is also interested in understanding more about the building she currently is working on, and she decides instead to expand horizontally. Perhaps when she knows a bit more about this building, she will be ready to remove it and proceed downwards.

Laying out a new unit   Laying out a new unit

So instead, Elaine lays out a new unit. This is a bit challenging, as she must do it herself (no Hopkins students to help this year!), but a few plastic clips brought from home make everything possible.

End of the day

At the end of a long day…no one said archaeology was clean.

Calm oment at Mut Temple

A rare moment of calm at the Mut Temple.

Elaine in the souq   Elaine in the souq
Elaine in the souq

Digging isn’t the only fun to be had in Luxor. After hours, Elaine does some grocery shopping in the souq. Here she buys spices from a spice stand manned by a enterprising boy. His prices are a bit steep, but Elaine is a hard bargainer and walks away with what she wanted.

Elaine in the souq

Elaine pays for some oranges at the fruit stand. This time she is smarter and makes sure to get the price BEFORE she settles on her items.

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