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Uncovering walls

The mudbrick walls that were uncovered in Elaineís trench yesterday are nicely visible in the morning light. Although Elaine expected to hit the walls soon, it is always a relief to find them where expected.

Sketching brick patterns

Immediately after arriving, Elaine begins sketching the brick patterns in her notebook. Once the sun has dried them, they will no longer be easy to see, so it is critical that the number and pattern of the bricks be recorded right away. These quick sketches will aid Elaine when she makes a scale drawing of the wall, sometimes weeks after actually excavating it.

Photographing the trench

Elaine climbs the ladder and shoots a few quick shots of the wall as well. Morning photos are best for this type of situation, as the morning light illuminates the differences in soil color that are washed out by the bright afternoon sun.

New team member

Thereís a new face at the temple! Will Raynolds, a Dartmouth University alum, joins Elaineís project. Will has excavation experience in the Middle East, as well as a special interest in faunal materials (animal bone). Will plans on excavating with Elaine during the mornings, and working with the bones in the afternoons. Soon we will be able to tell what types of animals were kept (and cooked!) by the inhabitants of Thebes.

Will setting up level

Will is at work already. Here he sets up the level and helps Elaine take points.

Ahmed assists Elaine

Ahmed, who has been the Hopkins Mut Temple Project inspector for numerous years, still helps Elaine despite working for the Brooklyn team this year. Here he shows Elaine where Willís work team can put their excavated dirt.

Clearing grass   Clearing grass
Clearing grass   Clearing grass

The opening of new excavation squares means more grass clearing, something that seems to be a daily task here at the temple.

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