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Sun rise at Mut Temple

The sun rises at the Mut Temple…

Work behing the Sacred Lake

…as the Hopkins project begins behind the Sacred Lake.

Elaine drawing walls and bricks

Elaine is busy first thing drawing in walls and bricks.

Repairing the sieve

The work crew perform a quick repair job and restring the sieve.

Getting ready for a photo   Getting ready for a photo

Elaine readies the square for a quick morning photo, hoping to capture the imprints of the brick emerging from the wet soil, as a new wall emerges.


A familiar scene: Elaine and Shergawy do a bit of arguing over the existence (or non-existence) of brick.

Elaine holding painted pottery sherd   Painted pottery sherd

Elaine looks happily at a painted sherd uncovered by her workmen. As ceramics are used to create the site chronology, finding a painted sherd is a boon to archaeologists. These are usually easy to date to specific dynasties, and sometimes even certain reigns.

Little bottle

Today is a great pottery day. This beautiful little bottle has turned up in one of the rooms that Elaine is excavating. Red has been applied to the shoulder, neck and rim.

Following the wall

Will and his team have finished the ceramic trench, and have opened a new unit today. They are hoping to follow a wall that Elaine exposed last year. The wall had a stone lining on one side, which is an unusual feature, so Elaine would like to know more about it.

Making progress

Progress! The wall being cleared by Shergawy (on the far left of the trench) is the same one only visible in its imprint this morning. The team has removed the levels around it, and have found the south edge.

Ghada holding the stadia rod

Ghada, Elaine’s inspector for the season, helps out during level taking by holding the stadia rod.

Assembling the board

Elaine assembles the board for her final photograph of the day. Each photo includes this board, so Elaine can associate individual photos with specific levels and days.

Dr. Bryan visits the site

Dr. Bryan stops by the temple for a visit. She has come to consult with Elaine on the excavation’s progress, and offer some welcome advice on how to proceed.

Work never stops

Just because they have left the site doesn’t mean the work stops. Will and Elaine sit at their respective laptops and type up daily notes, upload their digital photos, and occasionally send some emails home.

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