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Luxor Temple 

After a successful week working at Mut, Will and Jay spend their day off at Luxor Temple, while Elaine spends her day with the pottery back at Beit Canada.

Stone sphinxes

The entire two mile processional way from Luxor to Mut and Karnak temples was lined with these amazing stone sphinxes. Now they are only visible near the temples themselves.

Statue at Luxor Temple   Luxor Temple court

Amazing statues fill every court.

Will posing by column   Columns with relief decoration

Will poses in front of one of columns in the columned hall. The original raised relief decoration on the columns has been cut into with sunk relief by pharaoh Ramses II.

Relief of the king and Ptah

A beautiful relief of the king and the god Ptah writing the king’s name mn-ma’at-re on the leaves of the sacred tree.

Court and colonnade of Amenhotep III

A view from the back of the temple through the court and colonnade of Amenhotep III.

Will taking pictures

Will plays tourist, at least for today.

Felucca boats along the Nile

Luxor Temple lies right on the Nile, and the walk home gives an amazing view of the felucca boats waiting to take tourists for a lazy sail.

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