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Cloudy morning at Mut Temple

It is a rare cloudy morning at the temple. This means we rush off to get early photographs.

Using a sheet to block the sun   Elaine takes a picture

They almost made it – but the sun emerges from behind the clouds before Elaine can set up the shot, so her dig team uses the sheet to make their own sun block.

Excavation through New Kingdom levels   Storage jar and new bricks

Elaine’s excavation unit is becoming more interesting. She finally reached the New Kingdom levels on Thursday (the painted sherd we showed was a New Kingdom type), and now she is excavating fully through these levels. Today, she uncovers new bricks on the lower right of the screen, and a smashed storage jar, still in the place it broke, in the center. Its rim is almost touching the wall on the left.

Searching for the surface

After the photo, Elaine and Reis Shergawy remove the vessels because they want to continue downwards, in search of a surface. They hoped it would be immediately under the storage jar, but it was not, so they continue slowly, using the hand pick and trowel.

Will's team works on the wall   Will and team working on the wall
Will measuring bricks

Meanwhile, Will and his team try to clarify his wall. Will dutifully measures his bricks, recording them when they are easiest to see – right after excavation.

Seeing the walls in Elaine's unit

This is a great view of the large walls in Elaine’s excavation unit. She is really starting to get a sense of the size and pattern to the building.

Three walls uncovered   Will and Elaine discuss the walls

Uh oh, when Elaine comes to check out Will’s progress, he tells her that he has uncovered not one but THREE walls (Reis Memdueh is brushing one here). This is not what they had expected! The two of them discuss what this could mean…but there are no answers yet…

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