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Four walls found

Elaine and Will arrive at the temple and marvel at all of the brick walls emerging in Willís square. They had opened this unit to follow one wall, but found four. With archaeology, one never gets what one expects!

Vessel and stone weight   Will holding complete vessel
Examining the stone weight

Will has a beautiful complete vessel preserved, lying next to a stone weight. These objects appear to be from later activity in this area, but they still add to the general picture of how the Mut precinct functioned during different historical periods.

Continuing the excavation

Will and his team continue excavating around his walls, knowing that the while the material around his walls may be of later date, it is only by reaching the levels of the wallís origin that one can date a wall.

Elaine taking compass measurements   Elaine recording measurements

Elaine spends a few moments taking compass measurements. She is interested in the angle of her walls, in comparison with the walls found by the Hopkins team immediately outside the New Kingdom enclosure wall.

Elaine's workcrew

Elaineís workcrew continues work in her trenches as well. She is currently opening up a large area, in hopes of exposing a large portion of the building, so that she knows its extent before trying to focus in on smaller details.

Luxor Temple at night   Luxor Temple at night
Luxor Temple at night

Ah, Luxor after dark. Luxor temple really shines at night, when it is lit from below and the wall reliefs take on a mysterious quality. The Hopkins team loves strolling by the temple on their way home from shopping or running errands after their workday.

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