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Working at Mut   Opening new units

Jay is on the west bank taking photographs in the tombs with Betsy, but work continues at the Mut temple. Elaine provided these pictures. Will and Elaine are working on new units, trying to follow the extensions of their walls into new areas. Learning the overall plan of a building is vital in understanding its function.

Will's trench showing walls   Working to the west

The morning shots of Will's trench show his walls from yesterday nicely. Will's team is now working to the west of this trench, still slightly above the expected levels of the New Kingdom walls.

Column base

The excavations have uncovered a number of stone features, such as door sockets and column bases (like the one shown here) that are no longer in their primary context. While this is unfortunate, since we donít know exactly where they are from, it does suggest that these stone features were being removed from the buildings and reused in later periods. We can guess that they came from this area, possibly from the New Kingdom buildings we are uncovering.

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