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New wall emerges   Complete vessel against the wall

A new wall is emerging in Elaine's trench today. Elaine is hoping that it is an exterior wall to the rooms that appeared in her other two excavation units, but she won't know for sure without more excavation. A complete vessel is jammed up against the uppermost layer of the wall, and she is excited to see it when they remove the next level.

Elaine holding vessel

…And there it is! The vessel is almost complete, only missing a rim sherd or two. It has an interesting shape, ending with a pointed narrow bottom.

Work on Will's square

Will's square also has new walls emerging. They are still confusing however, as they don't seem to connect up to the walls in his last square!

Reis Shergawy

Reis Shergawy sports Elaine's shades. There is always time for a little fun at the temple.

Will working with bones   Will working with bones

Afternoon at Beit Canada , Will washes the animal bone just brought back today. We now have few interesting fish bones, and Will hopes to learn exactly what type.

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