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Stone feature emerges   Stone feature emerges

Work continues in Elaine's excavation unit today, with her team working to find a cross wall. But they get side-tracked when they encounter a long, narrow block of stone emerging from the soil. It is squared off on all sides, and seems to narrow before it runs under a group of bricks, where it either will end or widen again. While it is tempting to dig around the block and pull it out, Elaine is digging in defined layers, so she will wait until the next cut to remove it. It could be a stone lintel from a building, but any conclusions must wait until the whole piece is revealed.

Walls in Wills units   Will drawing bricks

Will's walls are coming in nicely, and you can see how many of them are in the two excavations units he has opened so far. All these new walls mean new bricks to draw, so Will has been kept busy making sketches in his notebook.

Loading pottery for transport   Loading pottery for transport
Loading pottery for transport

We ride in style at the Mut temple! The green van fetches Elaine and Will after excavations finish, and Will helps load the van with the pottery from today. Taking photos for the website gives Elaine the excuse to let Will do all the work…

Pottery laid out for processing

And a few hours later, all that pottery is laid out and washed, ready for the Hopkins group to process tomorrow.

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