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Elaine's trench

Elaine's trench is coming along nicely. She will soon reach surface level, if the other units she opened can be used as predictors, and she is curious to see what she will find there.

Matching up the walls

The large wall visible in Elaine's square (near unit) matches up perfectly with the new wall that Will's team (far unit) uncovered this morning. It is wonderful when features appear where they should!

Holding the sheet

Elaine's team does a little magic with the sheets to give her a shadow-less excavation unit picture.

Stone cavetto

The stone cavetto cornice in Elaine's square continues down, and is really quite impressive. She may never find the actual doorway it covered, but the presence of so much worked stone in her squares suggests that the numerous pieces came from this area originally.

Will holding piece of copper

Will recovered a small square of copper today from his pottery basket. Most metals corrode so badly through the millennia that identifying their function is often impossible without the help of a conservator.

Pottery pieces   Pilgrim flask

Elaine processed some beautiful pottery today. Here she has wonderful blue painted sherds from the trench she is currently working on, which are specific to the New Kingdom . These types of diagnostic sherds are helpful in dating the walls and rooms that she is uncovering. She also found a small “pilgrim flask,” a type of bottle with two handles that occurs during the New Kingdom and afterwards.

End of the journey

We have reached the end of our journey with our viewers, and we hope you have enjoyed watching our daily progress.

Elaine and Will at work

Although Hopkins in Egypt Today is coming to an end, Elaine and Will's work continues on! (We will be here through the end of February digging). Thanks for spending the month in Egypt with us!

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