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Dividing the Baskets

Beginning of the day, and our "gufas", i.e., "chicken baskets" arrive. Everyone dives at them, because the pottery has been waiting for a place to go. Violaine and Elizabeth separate the baskets, while Jeremy prepares his labels.

Violaine and Betsy Study Photograph   Emily and Betsy Confer

Betsy and Violaine study a print out of the precinct. An aerial photograph indicates a large three sided feature behind the lake. The north end of the east arm of this feature may occur in our trenches, and we believe that we had the west one in a square to the west in 2003. So we are looking at the photograph superimposed with drawings of our squares in order to be prepared. The award went to Emily in whose area a sand trench appeared exactly corresponding in width and level to the one in our earlier square.

Katie's Square   Sandstone Fragment

Katie is down with a cold today, but her square continues to produce. So much stone has been found here - and in Dina's trench to the east - all of it seemingly reused, but perhaps not? In any case, today a small fragment of sandstone was cleaned and rendered the cartouche of Ramesses III.

Row of Squares from West to East   Activity Resumes

A superb shot of the row of squares taken from the west looking east. During the second breakfast break they look so still and quiet, but just a few minutes laater the activity is enormous!

Looking for Patterns in the Squares   Line of Plaster
Working on the Square

We have found a similar pattern in most of our seven squares. Beneath the plaster layer - visible in the baulk profile - are layers of sand and magloob (hard packed mud), as well as some thick layers of sherds. On the packed surfaces we are finding large deposits of charcoal and evidence of fires. Clearly this sector was used and then reused for industrial purposes, and the several layers with evidence of burning attest to this.

Pottery Sorting at Beit Canada   Adam, Emily, and Elizabeth

Another season and another set of pottery sorting shots. Here's a great picture that Jay took from the roof of Beit Canada with the whole group hard at work dividing up the sherds into silt and marl. This year Elaine has become a true ceramic maven and is assisting in describing the fabrics for us.

Jeremy Studies a Beer Jar   Adam and Emily at Work

Jeremy studies a well preserved "beer jar" from our granary area of 2003 (finally getting sorted three years later,ugh!), while Adam and Emily are smiling through it all - someone must have said something funny.

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