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Sarah Watching Abdel-Aziz

Early morning, and Sarah is watching Abdel-Aziz at work in her square. They are coming down a large burned area associated with hard packed magloob and sherds. Soon Sarah will need to have photographs done, since these distinctive concentrations of black and reddened soil indicate the location of ancient fires.

Katie and Adam Examining Find

Adam has found a granite object shaped like a thimble - perhaps a weight. Katie shares her views at tea time; "maybe it's a game piece, Adam."

Standing by the Squares

Emily, Elizabeth, Jeremy, and Sarah stand by their squares (as they are supposed to!) but still have some tea to fight the slight chill in the air this morning.

Violaine and Jeremy Observe   Line of Bricks
Square with Bricks and Burned Area

Violaine and Jeremy observe a small line of bricks that has appeared. We hoped it would become a larger wall, but alas no such luck. A shot later show the whole square, with a large burned area in the southwest corner (lower left) and the bricks to the right.

Mahmoud Abbady at Work

Emily's square has a feature in it, as we said before. Now Mahmoud Abbady is emptying it, and the north end is very sandy. We have looked at the parallel trench in a 2003 square, and it appears to cut through a wall - that could mean it's modern, but we're still uncertain.

Sarah's Square   Blackened Area in Square

Here we are again in Sarah's area, where the burned configuration is definitely spreading. The blackened ground opposite the worker's hand is very obvious.

Round Building Emerges in Dina's Square

In Dina's square we have the first round building of the season - a small storage silo or granary preserved only by its lowest brick outline. There is not even a brick's height of it preserved, perhaps a third of a brick, but look at the difference in color that the mud brick has compared with the other soil.

Violaine and Emily Using the Level

Emily gets another lesson in using the level from Violaine. She appears to have gotten the knack of it well.

A View of the Excavations

Jay took this shot from the highest point behind the lake - atop the mud brick wall. As you look east the granaries found in 2003 by Mrs. Brody and excavated by Katie in 2004 are in the foreground. We cover them with soil and paper to protect the brick, so their forms are difficult to discern. Beyond are our seven new squares and just beyond the granary excavated by Heather in 2004. This gives you a good impression of the size of the grain processing region for the temple.

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