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Inscribed Block from Second Court   Inscribed Block from Second Court

Our conservation project for the Second Court of the temple and the foundations of the temple's platform has already accomplished a great deal. Two walls of the Court, the northwest and the west have been rebuilt. Now the remaining sandstone blocks with decoration will be far better protected. As you can see, some of the blocks with inscription are in fine condition, while others need consolidation.

Lori, Dini and Adam Confer

Dina (middle), Adam, and Lori confer early in the morning. Dina was with her family in Cairo during the Eid and has just returned. Lori went to meet her sister in Cairo and then visited Alexandria with her. She, too, came back last night. Nice to have them back.

Ballons over Egypt

Balloons over Egypt used to be the name of one of these balloon tours, and it does seem apt. Today the balloons all appear to have been blown over the east bank where we are. This one headed toward the Mut Temple and later hovered near our work area. As you can tell, however, this is "old hat" for the locals who don't even bother to look up as they carry their baskets.

Lori Assists with Basket of Dirt   Elaine Carrying Basket of Dirt

Lori has moved over to work with Elaine, whose search for an elusive exterior wall continues. To keep themselves and their crew motivated they both decide to carry baskets of dirt. Still no wall, but do they care?

Pottery Spill in Emily's Square   Pottery Spill and Trench in Emily's Square
Uncovering a Modern Day Water Pipe

In Emily's square a pottery spill appears with a variety of broken pots on the surface. We'll now want to know whether this is going to be a pit or a variety of vessels discarded on a surface. The bigger (and not necessarily better) news is that the trench in this square has finally revealed its secret. No, it's not ancient -- it's a modern water pipe trench. Good grief; remember 2002 when we had one running perpendicular to this but near the lake. Well, this one apparently runs toward that one. So much for the three-side feature we hoped was ancient. Oh well, another day, another mystery.

Elaine Drawing Pottery   Elaine Drawing Pottery

Elaine is drawing some pottery for her site near the rear of the temple precinct. Here she works on a small painted sherd.

Sarah and Violaine Work at Drawing Pottery   Jeremy, Violaine and Sarah Drawing Pottery
Jeremy, Sarah and Violaine Drawing Pottery

Today Sarah and Jeremy are learning to do the same as Elaine and as Elizabeth and Adam did. They both do measurements on the sherds, and their efforts are rewarded by Violaine's smiles.

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