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Violaine and Dini Confer

It's really cold this morning. Violaine enjoys her morning tea while speaking with Dina about work in her square.

Fatma Dressed for Cold Weather   Preparing to Move Stone Blocks

I told you it was cold. Fatma looks a bit like she's ready for snow and ice. In the Second Court and on the temple platform Fatma and Kent are preparing to move several large reused 18 th Dynasty blocks. After Kent and Hiroko have consolidated them, these will be moved, so Fatma's team clears the west face to facilitate treatment of the stone.

Adam's Square   Adam Checking Brick   Bricks in Adam's Square

In Adam's square walls have appeared and are crossing (finally). He and his qufti carefully check the brick and are reassured that it is solid and also going down further. Jay got a beautiful in-process shot even while the bricks were still damp.

Granary in Emily's Trench   Close View of Brick Pavement

In Emily's trench, where the bronze vessel was found yesterday, Mahmoud Abbady has completed defining the remains of the New Kingdom granary. The brick platform of the round building is preserved only by a single partial layer of brick and a brick pavement seen well in the detail shot.

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