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Panoramic View of Sacred Lake

These three shots pan across the rear of the lake over to our excavation squares. The level of the lake this year is very low, and extreme saltiness of the water is highly apparent. Nonetheless, the birds perch on the reeds and wait for a sign of the fish to bubble to the surface. Then they dive for their supper over and over again. We are so very fortunate to have this remarkable feature in our area.

Curving Wall Excavated 2003 - 2004   ViolaineTaking Measurements

Early this morning Violaine is beginning to plan the curving wall that we excavated in 2004. Much of the wall was excavated in 2003 but the following season we continued to uncover it and revealed its distinct rounding form. Since it appeared at the end of the season, the drawing was not done, so now Violaine will complete it. We're so desolate at the thought of her departure back to the U.S. on Monday. She leaves Luxor on Sunday evening, and Sunday at the site will be the last you will see of her.

Jeremy Brushing Bricks   Katie Helps with Measurements   Elizabeth and Jeremy Work on Drawing

Everyone is beginning to draw walls now. Jeremy has his first experience with this, as does Dina, but both have "old hands" in the form of Elizabeth and Katie to help out. Jeremy brushes his bricks first to make certain he can see their borders, then they triangulate and use the plumb bob for accurate placement beneath the string line. Then, as we saw yesterday with Sarah, they record points on the graph paper. Once you're used to it, it's a snap.

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