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Hatshepsut's Temple of Deir el Bahri   Hathor Pillars

Friday day off, and a group heads over to the West Bank with plenty of stops. What could be better than a visit to Hatshepsut's Temple of Deir el Bahri , with a great look at the Hathor pillars in that goddess' chapel.

Temple of RamessessIII at Medinet Habu   Wall Paintings in Ramessess III Temple
Wall Paintings in Ramessess III Temple   Emily, Jeremy, Dina and Sarh

The temple of Ramessess III at Medinet Habu is always a great tour stop. It's well preserved and has an incredible amount of paint still visible for all to see. Emily, Jeremy, Dina, and Sarah are taking it all in.

Adam Reads Guide Book at Deir el Medina

At Deir el Medina, Adam reads to everyone from Kent Weeks' guide book. They seem to have made themselves a great method of getting the most from their day!

Jeremy, Kent and Emily    Sunset on the Nile

How could a day end most pleasantly? Jeremy , Kent , and Emily enjoy a cool drink in the garden of Ahmed Suleiman 's Amoun El Gazira Hotel, followed by that sunset boat ride back to the east. This is really Egypt .

Katie in the Suq   Katie in the Suq

By the way, Katie had a different day altogether. She went shopping in the suq? But did she buy???

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