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Walls and Rooms in Sarah's Trench   Walls and Rooms in Sarah's Trench

Sarah's trench has produced beautiful mud brick walls of 18 th dynasty date and with small rooms clearly demarcated within them. One of the rooms contains a group of stones on its floor, all of them construction or other industrial-use implements. There are pounding stones and polishers, as well as a long oblong piece and a quern that were used to mill grain into floor. Lori and Sarah are now drawing the walls here, but look at the profile of the north wall. Do you see the staircase? It appears that there was a entry downwards into these rooms that probably represented a granary region south of the main enclosure wall.

Wall in Elaine's Area   Wall in Elaine's Area

Elaine's building has become so large that she is now following the outside walls just to establish its limit. In a new square Elaine came down on a Late Period level of the building well above her original strata. The pottery was quite well preserved. Elaine has an interesting time ahead of her in presenting this fascinating and large structure.

Kiln in Jeremy's Trench   Dina and Jeremy Viewing Kiln in Jeremy's Trench

Jeremy's trench has a large kiln in its southeast corner, and the qufti has been excavating it for some time now. As Jeremy and Dina look on, the qufti explains that it is still not at its end, but brick is beginning to show just beneath it.

Hathor Pillar Capital   Hathor Pillar Capital

The Hathor pillar capital was moved today in order to clear the space for rebuilding the platform. The "newly exposed" face was covered with dirt, but a little later after Kent and Hiroko have done their work, it looks quite pristine and lovely. This face is the original done by Hatshepsut and Thutmose III's sculptors. Beautiful!

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